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Fri, Feb. 20th, 2004, 08:39 am
i look

every morning at YOUR amazing pictures. i wonder what the space is like between the lens and the flesh. the temperature the density of the liquid air,

i get aroused looking at the struggle between the word and the view, i see such emotion. i see such sexual power. it is hot and burning. the flogger graces your breast. YOUR perfect nipples. YOUR skin finer and more silky then anything know.

the contrast.

LADY ADRIANA, has a flogger ever been used on YOUR body, Have YOU ever been punished?
Have YOU ever had to take the crop?
Have YOU had to learn or been the object of another's pleasure in pain?

i know it is not my station to be asking these questions, but i also know that honesty is at the core of the journey YOU are leading.

i just see these photographs and they take into the place.

i meditated this AM - naked in the dark on my knees for 6 min. i focused on the surrender. how i would be told to undress and neatly place my clothing away in a drawer. As in the private training clothing would not be necessary.

i was already expected to know the protocol of greeting and placement. i concentrated on the details. my thoughts seemed frozen.

i looked down at my hands , palms up on my knees. i sank deep into thought. YOU then requested that i get up for an inspection. i stood. YOU instructed me on the proper way to display myself.

i thought deeply about YOUR pleasure. and how PROUD YOU would be with me being well trained. A perfect example of YOUR knowledge, strength and power.

the time was over before it began. I was fresh yet very stimulated. i longed to touch myself. i withheld the desire.

i am looking forward to that time tomorrow.

IS there anything i can do for YOU today?

please let me know

respectfully submissive